MWR air filter for Monster 696, 796, 1100, 1100S

  • Model: MC-020-08
  • Manufactured by: MWR

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Air filter by MWR
DUCATI Monster 696, 796, 1100, 1100S

This MWR airfilter for Ducati Monster 696,á 796, 1100, 1100S fits perfectly in place of the original air filter, bolts included. No modification on airbox needed.

The MWR filter offers an increased air flow which can increase engine performance.

To obtain maximum gains from the increased air flow we recommend remapping the ECU or, when allowed, the use of remapping device.

MWR air filters help reducing fire hazards due to engine backfire as, different from original air filters, MWR filters are entirely made of Fire Retardant (FR) foam, a special material resisting to flames.

Caution: Only clean these filters with "MWR Cleaner" and re-oil only with "MWR Airfilterá Oil".

CAUTION: clean and re-oil at least once a year.

Part Number : MC-020-08

Airbox section with inserted the MWR airfilter

MWR Maintenance Kit

We recommend to order with your filter a MWR Maintenance Kit made of:
  • 250cc Air Filter Cleaner
  • 150cc Air Filter Biodegradable, non-flammable Oil, in spray can.
RAM Italia recommends that you clean an oil the filter at least once a year.

We warrant that you can wash your MWR Air Filter for 20 times or more, without the filter media loosing filtering capacity.

Such long service life depends from the fact that the MWR filter media is not made by fibers, cotton being for instance that used in a majority of filters, but by a special, close cell, fire retardant foam, making the MWR filter impenetrable to straight air flow.

The media itself will stop a majority of dirt particles, whereas the oil impregnating the filter foam cells makes a barrier enveloping and stopping even he smallest particles of dirt.

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