• Model: MC-070-09 HE
  • Manufactured by: MWR

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This range of revolutionary MWR HIGH EFFICIENCY air filters, developed for the engines of the Suzuki GSX-R 1000, all models since 2001, have been especially designed to boost engine power by increasing air flow, to reduce intake noise and to prevent any particles of dirt entering the intakes, even through the side seals.

The incoming turbulent air is stabilized and accelerated around the edge of the air splitter plate, this means greater volume evenly distributed throughout the airbox.
All intake inlets will then get an even quantity of air, regardless of speed on the motorcycle and the wind direction on the track.
This new design of air filter has shown an increase in power and a reduction of up to 8db in testing of intake noise.

MWR Air Filters for models from 2008

Models from 2009

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MotoGP, WSBK, WSS and Moto2 are already using this MWR technology.

RECOMMENDATION: after installing a MWR HIGH EFFICIENCY AIR FILTER, for obtaining maximum results we recommend to remap the ECU or, when authorized, to install an automatic system for remapping.

MWR filters help reducing fire risks caused by engine backfire because, unlike the majority of air filters, MWR filters are entirely built of special, washable, Fire Retardant (FR) foam of closed cell structure, which does not allow the direct crossing of air flow. Therefore the closed cell blocks the majority of dirt particles, while the cells impregnation of biodegradable, nonflammable oil creates an additional barrier designed to stop even the smallest dirt particles.

RAM Italia recommends clean and lubricate the filter at least once a year because, just like an athlete, to offer the best of performance, your engine requires large volumes of perfectly clean air.

The quality of MWR air filters MWR also translates in longevity, which makes it possible to clean the filter up to 20 or more times without loss of filtration capacity, a feature especially important for racing bikes, which run continuously at maximum output .

Place the air splitter plate next to the engine intakes.

Installation of MWR High Efficiency Air Filter
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REMEMBER: To get the most out of your engine the MWR air filter should be cleaned and oiled at least once a year.
ATTENTION: Insure to clean the filter only with the "MWR Cleaner" and oil the filter only with the special "MWR Air Filter Oil", which is fire retardant and biodegradable.
Part Number MC-070-09 HE, suitable for GSX-R 1000, models from 2009

If you decide to buy a MWR air filter, our advice is to order meantime a MWR Maintenance Kit including:
  • 250cc Liquid Detergent MWR
  • MWR 150cc Oil Biodegradable, non-flammable spray can
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