To talk battery sector progress let us first remember where we come from...
That is a typical lead-acid motorcycle starting battery
Weight = 4349 gram.
Progress can not be stopped...
  • Even kids nowadays use cell phones, compact and light devices, their batteries being reliable, fast charging and long lasting.
  • Remember where we come from? That was only a few years ago and their name was brick-phones!
  • A reminiscence of the past is also the start battery of your bike, weighing 4000+ grams.
  • Comparimg the lagging lead-acid battery technical specifications to the newest RAM-BT is like comparing Steam Engines with Formula1 motors!
Lead-acid Specifications
  • Weight: 9.6 lb = 4349 gram
  • Cold-start performance: 180A
  • Capacity rating: 10Ah
  • Size mm: 69 x 150 x h130
  • Charging 1A for up to 10 h
Now presenting the Newest Ultralight RAM-BT Battery Range
Lithium Ion Nanotechnology
Our most popular battery
The most popular...
  • It is suitable for a wide range of motorcycles including 1000 cc 4 cylinders inline engines and V-Twin engines up to 900 cc.
  • To cold start in temperatures below 45°F = 7°C, then we would recommend the next battery in the line, the RAM-BT12.

Characteristics & Tech-Specs
  • Weight ~ 800 gram
  • 240A Max cold-start performance: (for 10 seconds discharge)
  • 120A Max continuous discharge (after initial 10 seconds)
  • Capacity rating: 4.6 Ah
  • Size ~ 110 x 56 H 76 mm
  • Tech-spec

Cost = 174 Euro

Weight = 800 gram
RAM-BT8 Battery
Cold starting the largest bike engines
Top end motorcycle battery
  • This battery is suitable for large displacement V-Twin Ducati motorcycles and 4 cyl inline engines greater than 1000 cc
  • This includes the ZX-14 and the Hayabusa using stock bore and stroke.
  • This battery is also a good choice for drag racer engines running total-loss ignition systems.

Characteristics & Tech-Specs
  • Weight ~ 1050 gram
  • 360A Max cold-start performance: (for 10 seconds discharge)
  • 180A Max continuous discharge (after initial 10 seconds)
  • Capacity rating: 6.9Ah
  • Size ~ 110 x 84 H 76 mm
  • Tech-spec

Price = 227 Euro

Weight = 1150 gram
RAM-BT12 Battery
The top, it returns 480A cold-start performance
The strongest stock battery
  • This is our largest stock size battery, so powerful that it will start any motorcycle on the market today, along with most small cars, which makes it popular in the car racing scene as well.
  • Designed for large displacement, high compression, and other uses where "extreme needs" would be forthcoming on a normal basis.

Characteristics & Tech-Specs
  • Weight 3 lb. = 1385 gram
  • 480A Max cold-start performance: (for 10 seconds discharge)
  • 240A Max continuous discharge (after initial 10 seconds)
  • Capacity rating: 9.2Ah
  • Size ~ 110 x 110 H 76 mm
  • Tech-spec

Price = 288 Euro

Weight = 1500 gram
RAM-BT16 Battery
RAM-BT4, a special purpose battery.
The lightest of the ultralight RAM battery range
The lightest of our batteries

A special purpose battery, which may be used for:

  • off-road and Enduro bikes up to 525 cc with compression release
  • road and road racing bikes with a 600 cc 4 cylinder inline engine, running a stock charging system, for starting in temperatures above 45°F = 7°C
  • other special applications where the primary need is for the lightest possible starting battery pack


Characteristics & Tech-Specs
  • Weight .93 lb. = 422 gram
  • 120A Max cold-start performance: (for 10 seconds discharge)
  • 60A Max continuous discharge (after initial 10 seconds)
  • Capacity rating: 2.3Ah
  • Size Inch ~ 2.25 x 3 x2.25
  • Size mm ~ 110 x 28 H 76 mm
  • Tech-spec

Price = 120 Euro

Weight = 450 gram
RAM-BT4 Battery
5 Ampere Charger
  • One of the best chargers on the market, this RAM-CH5A Charger is designed to rapidly charge the RAM-BT cell batteries.
  • It features a three stage charging method that won't overcharge the battery.
  • It can be set up to run on 115 VAC or 230 VAC and takes about 1.5 hours to charge a 8 cell battery.     


5A Charger
Price = 80 Euro
15A Charger